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The following websites have been developed to aid teachers in the implementation of rigorous and relevant curriculums. You are welcome to use them as often as you like. If you find any of the material or resources available on this website please consider making a donation to support the upkeep of the site. Donations can be made on-line electronically by addressing paypal payments to


Administrative Behavior--The Ripple Effect. . . A study of how specific principal behaviors affect teacher and student performance. . . .Doctorial work performed through the University of Louisville by Brennon Sapp and Kim Banta

Step Under the Tape

(A complete book/curriculum. . . and it's free)


Forensics Illustrated

     A CSI Simulation

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Forensics Illustrated-Step Under the Tape

Up and Running--[Updated Weekly]

Forensics Illustrated-Step Under the Tape, a full curriculum written for High School Students, is now available free to anyone.  Until recently this resource required the purchase of a book or CD-rom, but now Forensics Illustrated and all its resources are available to anyone with the internet.  Recently added to this website.  See "Teaching Forensics" for a preview. 










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