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     A key element of any science class is the effective use of quality labs which allow students to put prior learned concepts into practical use.  These activities are most significant when labs are examples of real world applications.  Often labs of this type are either to expensive or dangerous for teens to conduct.  In forensic science, a topic most people find riveting, real world labs can be carried out on a regular basis safely and economically.


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What's  New

  • Forensics Illustrated-A fascinating look at the history and application of scientific evidence gathering. It is a comprehensive course demonstrating how physical science, biology, firearms examination and photographic techniques are used to recover evidence and build a case in a crime investigation. Presented on CD-ROM in HTML format with PowerPoint presentations, Forensics Illustrated steps you through a compelling course in how the professionals secure a crime scene and implement the techniques in gathering evidence for investigation and analysis.
  • Teaching Forensics-A web-site for the promotion of teaching forensic science at the high school level. 
  • CSI Simulation-Learn how to design a simulation which will allow your students to be a part of a CSI team and solve a crime. 

Key Milestones

  • O.J. Simpson trial sparks Americas interest in crimes and crime scenes.
  • Educational channels begin showing all types of crime related documentaries.
  • CSI starts a wildfire of excitement and interest in the general public.
  • Every station, production company, and publishing company gets in on CSI wagon.
  • Will you be the next milestone?

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