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  • Complete curriculum for High School Forensic Science
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Forensics Illustrated is comprehensive collection of all the resources collected, manufactured, and utilized by Brennon Sapp during his nine years of teaching Forensic Science to high school students.  This information was published in its entirety in the fall of 2004 by EOA Scientific.  Now this information is available to anyone for free. 

Any and all of these resources are available for you to use and utilize provided you comply with permission requirements of the author.  These permission requirements are as follows.


Permission Requirements

  • This web site is copyright of Brennon Sapp and  The images and texts remain the intellectual property of their respective owners.  Users of the images and texts accessible through agree to the following conditions of use:
    What you MAY do:
    • Users may cite the texts. Citations should credit
    • Students, faculty, and staff of educational organizations may make links to pages at, for educational purposes.


    What you MAY NOT do:
    • These images and texts are for educational use only and may not be used for any non-educational or commercial purpose without written permission from copyright holders. Approved educational uses include faculty teaching and student projects.
    • Users are not permitted to download images and texts in order to mount them on their own servers for public use or for use by a set of subscribers. Users may not set up a mirror site.
    • Images may not be redistributed in any form for any purpose without the prior written permission of the copyright owner, except for educational uses, if pre-approved by the copyright holder (see above). The copyright owner is listed on the page where the images appear.
    • Texts may not be redistributed in any form for any purpose without prior written permission of the text author (copyright owner).  Texts may be printed for educational uses but must be properly acknowledged with a citation on each page of each copy.

    If you are seeking permission to use an image or text for a purpose not covered above, please contact the copyright holder.

  • All resources contain a copyright statement at the bottom of each page, this statement must remain visible on any and all items copied, distributed, or displayed.
  • Any resources developed by the user with the aid of these resources must denote the source (Brennon Sapp/ of each item.
  • Users of these resources are to contact to indicate the intention of using these resources.  Monetary contributions are optional, but greatly appreciated.
  • Problems or questions regarding these restrictions or this website should be sent to   [Email].


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This website is copyright of Brennon Sapp  Any or all documents may be used for non-profit instruction only.
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