The following websites have been developed to aid teachers in the implementation of rigorous and relevant curriculums. You are welcome to use them as often as you like.Forensics Illustrated----Step Under the Tape         An entire forensic curriculum and resources available for free!

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Step Under the Tape

(A complete book/curriculum. . . and it's free)

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Forensics Illustrated-Step Under the Tape

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Forensics Illustrated-Step Under the Tape, a full curriculum written for High School Students, is now available free to anyone.  Until recently this resource required the purchase of a book or CD-rom, but now Forensics Illustrated and all its resources are available to anyone with the internet.  Recently added to this website.  See "Teaching Forensics" for a preview. 


I will be presenting several forensic presentations as well as other
interesting topics in the coming year.  Please check programs for times
and locations.

  • KSTA (Kentucky Science Teachers Association) Conference

    • Hyatt Regency

    • Lexingtion, Kentucky

    • November 4-6

  • NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) Conference

    • St. Louis Missouri

    • March 29–April 1



















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