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About KPIP (The Kentucky Principal Internship Program)

In Kentucky, all applicants for certification as principal are required to successfully complete a one-year internship program when employed as a principal or full-time assistant principal. 

The emphasis of the program is on promoting the growth of the new principal as the school's instructional leader through structured mentoring experiences, performance observations with feedback for growth, access to current research and information relevant to the role of the principal, and provision of opportunities for networking with both experienced and beginning principals.


Important Dates

  • This Portfolio is being compiled during the 2006-2007 school year
  • Specific Dates
    • 9/25/06 - Sequence I Meeting
    • 12/6/06 - Sequence II Meeting
    • 3/14/07 - Sequence III Meeting

Key Milestones

  • Fall 2006 - Hired as the associate principal in charge of freshman and co-athletic director
  • 11/3/2006 - Presenting Multiple Intelligences and Senior Projects at the Kentucky Science Teachers Association Conference
  • 11/9/06 - Presenting Senior Projects at Kentucky's Association of Secondary School Principals
  • 1/25/06 - Presenting Freshman Academy at the Kentucky Assistant Principals Conference

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