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Schedule & History

Fall 1993
Graduated from Western Kentucky University with a double major in Chemistry & Mathematic
Teacher/Science Department Head - Grayson County High School
Teacher/Science Department Head - North Oldham High School
Master of Arts in Education
Attended first professional development on Multiple Intelligences
Began using MI techniques with science classes
Collaborative work with psychologist in developing multiple intelligence techniques for the classroom
Began a CEO (Continuing Education Option) Research project with Multiple Intelligences in the classroom
Attended multiple work shops on the use of Multiple Intelligences in the classroom
Conducted a scientific experiment with the use of Multiple Intelligence techniques within a science classroom setting
Continue teaching and using Multiple Intelligences techniques in the classroom
Functioning as an instructional coach at the high school level and facilitating the implementation of multiple intelligence into classrooms


Other Projects
  1. Developed a High School level Forensic Science Class
  2. Author of Forensic Illustrated: Step Under the Tape-a high school level text book for forensic science-published by EOA Scientific
  3. Head the development, staffing, and supplies for the opening of a new high school
  4. Collaboration on the implementation of Senior Projects
  5. Development of Forensic Illustrated: Step Under the Tape interactive CD-Rom
  6. Collaboration on the implementation of May Term


Current Projects
  1. Instructional coach at the high school level and facilitating the implementation of multiple intelligences strategies into classrooms
  2. Presenting educational seminars at state and national educational conferences
  3. Performing forensics enrichment activates with schools and community groups


Classes Taught

  • Integrated Math
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Integrated Chemistry
  • Introduction to Chemistry & Physics
  • Chemistry I
  • Chemistry II
  • Chemistry III
  • Lab Techniques
  • Earth & Space Science
  • Astronomy
  • Forensic Science
  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Pre-AP Chemistry
  • Senior Projects

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