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Project Abstract

Senior project is designed to give students the opportunity to pursue and develop a interest.  It is to be directed by an instructor and mentor, but be driven by the student. 

Class Objectives

  • Students will plan, research, document, and complete a significant meaningful project for the improvement of themselves and/or their community.
  • Students will function as a professional in one or more of the following fields
    • Scientific Research
    • Historic Research
    • Community Service
    • Self Improvement

Conference Presentation-PowerPoint


  • Ask each student-"If you could study/practice anything you like, what would it be?"
  • Instructors are to guide students on the organization, documentation, and presentation of projects.
  • Mentors are to function as a professional consultants providing advice and support when necessary

Key Events

  • Project Proposal Students research and design a year long plan for the study and practice of a project of their choice
  • An Exhibition of Knowledge:  Students research and produce a chosen type of publication of a knowledge base related to their project
  • Senior Project Fair:  Students exhibit their newly acquired knowledge/skill/accomplishments at a Senior Project Community Fair
  • Evaluation by Committee:  Student exhibit their year of senior project to a review committee (SPEC-Senior Project Evaluation Committee)

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