Some Technology Documents

Combining Technology


Copy and Paste

A great way to place items or text you see on the internet or other places into your programs. 


Layouts for Pasted Items

An excellent way to add versatility and professionalism to your documents.

  • Tight

  • Square

  • Behind Text

  • In front of Text

 Placing links and hyperlinks into:

A great tool to direct students and stream line your use of technology.

  • Word

  • PowerPoints

  • Other Items

What can you link?

  • Other word documents

  • Videos

  • Web-sites

  • Spread sheets

  • Programs

Linking PowerPoints

A way to use your agenda for more than an agenda.


Saving PowerPoints as a Website

You think web design is difficult, but if you can build a PowerPoint, you can have an excellent professional looking website.




Teacher Web Home Page

Teacher Web Basics and Types of Pages Available

Samples Of TeacherWeb Templates